Getting to St. Roman de Malegarde

In general, we've found that the simplest and most cost-effective is to fly into Paris. From either of Paris's major airports you can get directly onto a TGV (tres grande vitesse = "very high speed") train, some of which -- but not all -- go from Paris to Orange. For train schedule info, go to the SNCF site. and then click on the English flag.The ride takes about 3 ½ hours, and costs something like $75 each way. You could then be picked up at the train station in Orange for €60, by our neighbor/caretaker in the village. Travel agents should have the schedule information; when we were in France last we went ahead and bought our train tickets here in the U.S. Reservations are cheap, and are worth the peace of mind. 2nd class is very good; it isn't necessary to go 1st class. View Larger Map

Another alternative is to arrive in Avignon. Again, someone could pick you up there, either at the airport or the train station, and the cost would be €100 (it's about twice as far). The only reason to go Avignon by the TGV is that more TGV trains stop in Avignon than do in Orange. However, if you do get on a TGV to Avignon, and you don't mind changing trains, you could get off at Valence (which is the TGV stop North of Avignon, at which almost all TGV trains stop, and then take a local train to Orange). You can also find connecting flights from Paris to Avignon airport.

Marseille international airport (named Marignane) is about an hour and a half from the house.

In past years we've flown both to Geneva and to Nice, each of which is a three-hour drive away. Again, if you opt to pick up a car at your arrival airport -- then these too can be an alternative.