House Amenities

We highly recommend bicycles; we have 4 which we rent at $25 per bike per week, and we also have allycats, which attach to an adult's bike and permit a young child to pedal along with the adult.

Nearby Attractions

There is an indoor pool/ice skating rink/athletic center at St. Paul-Trois Chateau, northeast of us. Tennis is available at the public courts in Tulette. There is also a horse-riding club called Le Pony Club which has little ponies for kids to ride as well as horses for experienced equestrians. If you take the road from St. Roman to Tulette and turn right at the end of it (instead of left, which would take you to the square in Tulette) so that you're headed toward Nyons, it's about a mile on the right hand side. If you continue on several more miles toward Nyons, you'll pass a newly redone resort called Sagittaire, which features a man-made lake, several outdoor swimming pools, along with a cafe/restaurant, a small supermarket, miniature golf, and other attractions.